Heroin Paraphernalia

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Common Items Used by Heroin Users

  • Small pieces of foil that have burn marks on them including aluminum gum wrappers
  • Heroin is smoked using a method referred to as “chasing the dragon.” This involves heating up the powder on some foil, then inhaling the fumes through a small tube. The effect from this is felt very quickly, between two and five minutes after smoking.
  • Needles
  • Burned and missing silver spoons. The spoons are used to cook the heroin over a flame. The flame causes the bottom of the spoon to burn and turn black.
  • Bowls and pipes
  • Small colored balloons used to package and transport heroin
  • Cotton balls are used as a filter for injecting
  • Cigarette pieces about 2/8ths of an inch long are used as a filter for injecting
  • Bottle tops
  • Increase in soda cans in bedroom and/or the bottoms of them cut up
  • Missing shoe-laces and cut long rubber bands which are used when injecting
  • Clear shell capsules
  • Cut up straws with burned marks and yellow tint on them which are used to inhale the heroin
  • Covering arms all the time, wearing long sleeves
  • Owning a lot of lighters
  • Expensive personal and household items missing as addicts have been known to steal and sell items to buy more drugs. Trading with pawn shops is also common.
  • Owning a new lock box or boxes that they won’t allow others to access